1. Backstage with Magic Cat


  2. The 5th episode of my ongoing comic Molly’s Mystery is called “The Ghost Party”. Read the full story and solve the mystery in the next issue of British kids newspaper  The Loop.



  4. Tour poster for the band MIAMI

    Go see them if you can!



  6. TOKYO!

    In only a couple of weeks we’ll finally visit Tokyo. In case I find my dream house while roaming the city, I’ll post a photo here. (I called the illustration ›Tokio Hotel‹ inspired by a very terrible German band).


  7. Promotional thingy for tonights gig of Jackson Scott at Monarch in Berlin.


  8. Detective Molly and dog assistant Sniffles investigate again. Their fourth case is about hot summer, skateboarding and ice cream! To be published in the next issue oF THE LOOP.


  9. Melting away in the studio …


  10. Some people from Berlin have put a lot of work into the creation of the crowd funding campaign Phew! If you want to get my illustration The Mirror as a four color screen print, please support!

    If you are broke but curious to see my work space: Watch the video.



  12. Poster for PUSCHENFEST 2013 in Berlin.


  13.  (=^ェ^=)


  14. Remember talking on the swatch twin phone? Was better than any skype conference!


  15. My piece “THE MIRROR” for the crowd funding project / online art store PHEW!