1. First page of a new comic about loving music



  3. Last night I discovered a secret room in our apartment.


  4. Just finished another bio comic for Missy Magazine. This time it’s about the amazing Cookie Mueller.





  8. Who loves the sun? Me me me! Will head out now to catch some (and close the curtains later).


  9. I drew another doll house. This time there’s a ghost party going on, quite like the ones I arrange at our place once in a while. As usual I drew myself in between the crowd. Can you spot me? (Friends: It’s easy, I know).


  10. Backstage with Magic Cat


  11. The 5th episode of my ongoing comic Molly’s Mystery is called “The Ghost Party”. Read the full story and solve the mystery in the next issue of British kids newspaper  The Loop.



  13. Tour poster for the band MIAMI

    Go see them if you can!



  15. TOKYO!

    In only a couple of weeks we’ll finally visit Tokyo. In case I find my dream house while roaming the city, I’ll post a photo here. (I called the illustration ›Tokio Hotel‹ inspired by a very terrible German band).