1. Ad for the next issue of Kuti Magazine.


  2. My work is featured in the Yabba-Dabba-Book, a tribute to Hanna Barbera. Get your copy here.


  3. First episode of my new comic series GIRLIE, published in Missy Magazine. It’s short stories about all sorts of female trouble.






  8. Dr. Trelawney’s greenhouse


  9. Good times


  10. The Mirror is now available as a four colour screen print at Phew!

    It’s a limited edition of 40 delicately hand printed posters in 70cm x 50cm, all signed and numbered.

    Get it at phewstore.com


  11. I designed this new flag for my home country Germany a while ago. It’s one of many new flag designs for a french art project. Would make a nice silk scarf as well!




  14. Sketch book fun


  15. Ravemädchen im Happy Hardcore Land